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What Does



➕Foundation Fit Training

➕Weekly Mantras

➕Intentions - You will find a "Foundational Jar ' at the top of the stairs from Monday. What will you pcik to work on at the studio. Or should i say what will pick you. What you seek is seeking you right

➕Attend as many classes as you can in Feb. Keep yoself accountant able on the Foundation Board at the hub

➕Start to develop a foundation for your practice, starting with just a class a day. Consistency is the key to this challenge.

➕Attend at least one of these 3 Styles in the mix

x 1 Yin Yoga 

x 1 Bikram 90 Mins

x 1 Sculpt or Hot Flow Ladder Vinyasa 

➕Enjoy the journey with other yoga challengers

Understanding the benefits, the excuses, and how to get the best out of your February challenge. What happens when you practice mindful movement more than once a week? Experience for yourself the powerful game changing effect the power of movement can have by committing to this challenge. Go on this journey with us through Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Movement classes at The Hub!

The benefits are:

· Reduced stress, pain and discomfort.

· Feel stronger, more flexible, more alive, brighter and happier.

· Change your habits, cultivate self love

· Discover how making time for yourself gives you more time. As your mind brightens from your practice, so too does your focus, productivity and relationship self and with others.

Enjoy the love and support of The Move Community.



Having a regular Movement and Foundation Practice isn’t just about stretching and bending. The major focus is on whatever touches the floor, pattern lines and the core. After your first few classes you will realise that the classes at the hub require an ample amount of strength, and this increased strength in turn leads to a solid foundation with less injuries, an improved immune system, and the ability to carry out every day tasks more easily. Your body will get used to the Heat, Various Yoga Flows, Breathing , Mat Pilates Principles, Foundational Training, Power of Movement, Mindfulness Strength & Flexibility, Mobility Movements, Martial Arts ,Slow Flows and Meditation, and if practising every day for a month you will start to build that solid foundation of practice. To restore our muscle to their effective length, which lets our bodies move in the manner they were designed with Power, Flexibility and Grace for the new year. You will feel stronger and the classes you find most challenging will come more naturally to you.

Become mentally sharper

Whether you’re in a Yoga or movement class, at work or at home, mind chatter can be exhausting. During a challenge your mind will become more peaceful and clutter-free. Your thoughts will become more focused as you learn to channel your energy through your commitment to your practice. Everyone who completes a challenge experiences the same thing – the often unexpected benefit of becoming more focused and aware. In other words, you become better able to retain information and process it accurately. You will ALWAYS be bombarded with information in this technological world but you will be able to just take what you need from it and leave what you don't. The Foundational Training and Power of Movement designed in this challenge does wonders for the movement of the mind. You know what I say, MOVE YOUR BODY MOVE YOUR MIND.

Connect to your Body

The challenge is foundational. By committing to your practice you will get to understand that your body is totally unique. Often you begin by comparing your body to others but you will soon see that that becomes needless. At certain points in the challenge you will find that different ways of doing the same pose/exercise/movement will bring you different benefits. However awkward or imperfect you may feel, completing each practice with whatever variations you need on that day will give a real sense of pride and satisfaction within your own skin.

The Excuses

Other Commitments

It is vital that you do some movement everyday when you commit to a challenge. Even though we would always encourage you to come to class, there may be times when you simply can’t make it and in that case we would suggest a short practice at home. This can be just 15 minutes but the key is to make it energizing. Try and come to class as much as you can but don’t beat yourself up or think you’re a failure if you have to do the odd practice at home. The more you practise the better you will feel each day.

Out of Shape

You mustn’t let low self-esteem get in the way of making yourself feel better. You need to nurture your body and not ignore the problems that may be affecting your health physically or mentally.

Too Distracted

If you don’t already know, the whole purpose of Yoga and movement is to train a distracted mind. You want to remain conscious of your thoughts but see if you can shift more towards sensing, observing and feeling. Out of sight out of mind.


You might be practising everyday during a challenge so of course you’re going to be even more aware of your physical “limitations”. Sometimes though, these limitations are in the mind as you think there is a certain way you should be doing a class. This is a common trick of the ego so you will need to learn to accept that it’s time to move beyond the idea of a perfect practice. No day of movement is ever the same.

Too Busy

Come to class. There are different things you could be doing of course, but come to class every day if you can. Make sure you let people know that you’re doing the 28 day challenge and that you will be less available until it is over. A supportive peer group will enable you to focus on your goals and celebrate your achievements.

Out of Practise

Your circumstances are not going to change unless you make a change. The only way you will get your foundation solid and your practice back is if you learn to enjoy it again.

Beginner’s Mind

Most people find it a lot easier to keep up with the class if they don’t have too high expectations of themselves or too low expectations of Yoga generally. If you are a complete beginner, you will be pleased to know that all abilities are catered to in our classes. That’s not to say that every class will be the same skill level, it’s going to depend a lot on the sequence and how it corresponds in your body. It’s always a good idea to let the teacher know before class starts if it is your first time or if anything new has come up for you in terms of health status or injuries.

Don’t Give Up

After the challenge you will feel so proud that you stuck it out. You may feel frustrated at times but the challenge will help lay down a really STRONG FOUNDATION for your practice going forward. Once you conquer the challenge, you’ll continue to see your practice evolve for years or even decades if you keep it up and practise regularly. Foundation Fit will put you on that path to wellness for YOU!

Try Softer

Don’t compare yourself to others but focus instead on your own practice, modifying poses so that they work for you and taking a break in Child’s Pose when you need to.


Lastly, to get the most out of each class, you should connect your breath to the movements. There’s a real opportunity to increase your concentration as you flow seamlessly from one pose to another with your breath, breathing deep into your belly for the best results.

There you have it, everything you need to know to get the most out of your February Foundation Fit challenge! Bringing Foundation to your movement practices of Yoga ,Pilates, Barre, strength, mobility. So rewarding on so many levels, so the question is: are you up for the challenge? Restore your mind, body and spirit and sign up for February Foundation Fit challenge today!

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