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Yoga Classes for Enthusiasts of All Ages and Fitness Levels

Welcome to Our Studio! 

All the classes at MOVE BODY WELLNESS are beginner friendly. Each class is 60 minutes enough time to warm up and cool down. You can take as many breaks as you like during the class. To gain maximum benefits of the practice we recommend you stay in the room for the whole 60 minutes. 


UPDATED Policies & Conditions 

SafePlan 2020 can be found below 

What do I need to know about the new 2021 CovidSAFE protocols?

At Move Body Wellness , your health and wellbeing are top priority. We have a CovidSAFE plan in place to ensure our community has a safe space to practice. As per government regulations, we have limited spaces available in each class so bookings are essential. If the DHHS requires masks indoors, please wear a mask when you enter the studio reception.

By booking for class, you agree to honour our business policies and to respect all students, teachers, and staff of The Hot Hub. Policies  include not attending the studio if you are unwell, following public safety guidelines and government health regulations, and being self-responsible for your health and wellbeing to the best of your ability. The 2020 CovidSAFE plan can also be viewed below. 

As you are agreeing to honour these policies before attending the studio, if you consent to do so, please email your proof of status or exemption. Our booking software will be updated with your information before attending the studio, so you will not need to discuss confidential information with the teachers or in front of other students. If you do not agree with these policies please advise Bel as soon as possible.

The Hub is a Happy Space and Place and is—as always—a place beyond personal opinions and daily concerns, always turning inward and finding that place to practice. Connecting to our inside world to create our outside world . Always guided by Love, Kindness Intention, A space to just be, let go and grow. 

If I could request that all conversations about vaccination happen before booking and arriving at the studio so that the studio and reception remain as a welcoming happy space for all and a safe space to connect beyond opinions of right and wrong. Thank you for understanding that the teachers are there to guide you in your yoga practice, and all discussions around policies should be directed only to Belinda Phelan - Studio owner Email -

The cleaning protocols happening in the studio?

At Move Body your health and wellbeing are top priority. We’ve installed sanitising stations at entry to reception & studio, and there is additional sanitiser at each of the sinks in the bathrooms. We deep clean between classes, especially in high-touch areas. We have disposable biodegradable wipes for your mat & props. Please continue to bring your own mat, towels and water.

What do I need to know about bookings?

Bookings are ESSENTIAL and still done through BOOKAMAT . Current restrictions limit class capacity sizes so we have a waitlist in play. Be sure to add yourself to this to avoid missing out. If you’re on a class waitlist, you’ll be notified via email if a space becomes available You control your BOOKAMAT account , schedule, change or cancel bookings, and update your account all via the app. If you’re unable to attend a class you’ve booked, please cancel at least 3 hours before class so as many people have a chance to practice as possible. If you book & do not attend, the class will be debited from your class pack & fees may apply.


All teachers have completed the COVID-19 safety course and are up to date with the current systems.
Excellent hygiene practices are in place and we can guarantee the studio is cleaned daily along with props and all services areas after each class. Hand Sanitizer will be set up throughout the studio.
Cleaning protocols are crucial in moving forward safely at Move Body Wellness. Please do your part and stay home if your not feeling well. Wash your hands before entering class. All necessary products will be available to use.
You will need to supply your own mat and towel.
Social Distancing rules means that studios may need to fit fewer people in the space. Safety spots have been installed for your mats where you will practice, ensuring all staff and members remain a safe 1.5m apart.
We will be following the strict instructions of a minimum number of students per class and keep updated on these changes.
So it is CRUCIAL that all booking must be made through our Bookamat system to secure your spot. Try to book in advance so you can secure the classes you love.
A waiting system will be in place as sometimes things arise. If you can please try and cancel your class so the next person in line will secure that spot. So please if you can not make a class try and remember to cancel IT 3 HOURS BEFORE to make it available to someone else.
If a space opens up in the class, any clients on the waiting list will be notified via email about the opportunity to join the class. The first client to accept the space will have their credit moved into the class while the others will stay on the waiting list for the next opportunity. If no spaces open up for that class then any client on the waiting list will be automatically re-credited their booking which they can reschedule from the following day.
Please note that it is not possible for clients to join the waiting list without a credit. Some systems allow non-paid members to join waiting lists but we give preference to your paid members.
A new waiver form will be emailed to existing students. New students will receive this upon booking and bring it to their first class. I will also have copies at the studio.
An action plan is in also in place ensuring we are fully on top of any new COVID-19 issues if and when they shall arise.
With the treat of the COVID-19 clusters popping up at anytime now we will be notified.
All payments will be made via booking your class. There will be NO CASH payments on site that will increase risk of transferring germs. Online and Contactless payments only.
If your not ready to return to the studio yet. Online LIVE streaming will be available most likely via pre recording purchase. I will be updating on how that will work shortly. Thinking of keeping some LIVE ONLINE early morning classes from 6.15-7.15am x 3 days a week. This will all be released soon.


All bookings are made through our booking system BOOKAMAT.

15-20 Spaces available for each class. Walk ins will be welcomed eventually ,but please be prepared to not get a spot if you have not booked first. 

What to expect from my first class

We encourage you to prepare for your classes through hydrating as best as possible.Each class, every person, and every day will present a different experience in the hot room. It is not uncommon to feel a little dizzy or nauseous during your first few classes. Don’t be afraid to lie down when you feel a little overwhelmed. Take each class at your own pace

Make the most of your 2-week introduction pass see what works for you. The first 2 weeks are the hardest,this way start to create a new habit.

Do I need to bring anything - AFTER COVID IS OVER MUST BRING YOUR OWN 2021/2022

Available for purchase at the Studio:


Coconut Water

Available for Hire

Mats - $1

Towels - $2

Please feel free to bring along your own mats,towel and water.

Equipment Supplied - Pls feel free to also bring your own weights, blocks etc as this may be a requirement due to COVID-19. It has not been advised yet. 

What do I need to do to prepare for class

Please drink plenty of water or coconut water and fully hydrate yourself before your class. Avoid eating any heavy meals 2 hours prior to class. A nice fresh Juice with crushed ice is always great fuel booster before and after class. It will help sustain energy levels leading up to class and after.


Yoga and or Pilates gear. Something that is light weight exercise wear. Shorts and singlet or t-shirt. We want you to feel comfortable in the room. The room is heated to 35-38 degrees.

Studio Etiquette

Change rooms and pigeon holes are provided before you enter studio room. Shoes will removed upon entry to the studio and store in pigeon holes in reception. This is a quiet space so minimal talking please. You are aloud to talk but please keep volume to a minimum. Please note there are no showers at the moment but change rooms available. Male and Female

Can I practice if I am pregnant

Always consult with your doctor before stepping into the Hot Room. If you have been practicing regularly for at least six months, you can continue to practice through your pregnancy at modified pace. It is advised that you wait until after the first trimester to continue your practice. 

How often do you recommend I practice

Consistency is the key to any type of practice. It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 to keep it.We encourage you to practice as often as they are able. 3 -4 times per week is ideal to get the best benefits from the the power movement. 

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