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Is a Series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It involves a sequence of set poses standing and set poses on floor. It is conducted in 40 degrees. Every class is exactly the same sequence. Unlike a flowing style hot yoga class, the Bikram 26 practice follows a principle of holding the body in stillness , in a particular position, with optimal alignment, using focus breath to then create physical, mental and emotional change. This is a 90m minute class with very minimal talking in the studio, please respect the practice by entering quietly and making your way to your mat until the teacher arrives. Close your eyes and focus on the rhythm of your breath. We recommend x 2 Towels for this practice.


Ladder Flows take the best from traditional Vinyasa flows and stacked movements to create a strong, sweaty practice. I am so happy to bring you this new style because I love doing them in my own practice - allowing me to get in a lot of rhythmic, flowing work.

Each sequence begins by stacking a few postures one after the other to create a ladder flow. After completing those postures a few times we add more and build complexity into our sequence. We continue this method for 45 minutes at the end you would have practiced a wide variety of poses, memorised a full flow and got an amazing workout

Building internal heat , linking breath to movement helping you clear your mind and challenge you entire body. This series runs in blocks in order to build you up stronger and stronger each class


A Vinyasa Inspired movement combined with a mindfulness practice. Connecting the mind and body as one. Start off working through all the planes of the body. Stretching and wrapping muscles around the bone, opening all the major joints through strong soft flow. First part of class is an opening of the body and mind slow but strong. Finishing with a Yoga Shred to get heart rate up, followed by spine strengthening at the end.

A full body stretch, workout combined with a total mind reset. Come prepared to breath, stretch, build strength, and improve mobility through mindful movement.

What does it do?

A full body stretch, shred, combined with a total mind reset. Come prepared to stretch, strengthen, burn calories, sweat and improve mobility through mindful movement.

How will I feel?

Present, clear and totally satisfied.

Excellent for stretching the body and mind. Great for Mental Health and is deeply cleansing for your system as you move, creating a moving meditation.


Hatha is classical Yoga in its more traditional form. This class offers a set of yoga asanas (postures) to strengthen and stretch the body, sun salutation variations to warm the body, pranayama (breathing techniques) to link the mind and body. This class offers beginner to moderate options for greater postural awareness, mindfulness and release from stress. Suitable for most people. If you are pregnant or with injury please advise your instructor. We definitely recommend beginners to give this class a go! Our friendly instructors will support you in modifying certain movements to suit your skill level. You will perform a sequence of asanas that involve twisting, bending, balancing and squeezing your body. It promotes calmness of the mind, spirit & body, requiring you to pay attention to your breathing as well as channelling your energy. Overtime, Hatha Yoga will definitely help to tone the body as you will be using your core to perform each asana. Certain movements will also help to tone the arms, butt & thighs area.


A Mat based Pilates class designed to work from the core the

‘powerhouse’ of your body, from where all energy for exercise comes from. If you focus on your core, you can not only calm your body and your spirit, but help your muscles work more efficiently. With my various Methods this class will not disappoint. We always focused on quality over quantities. We strengthen and lengthen the entire body from head to toe by applying all 6 Pilates principles to each and every class. You will leave this class feeling , longer, stronger and in control . We combine some strength training to get the heart rate pumping. It will help improve your fitness, detox and improve your immune system.

What does it do?

Tones the body, strengthens the core, improves overall fitness, detoxifies, burns hundreds of calories…… Should we go on?

How will I feel?

Sweaty and strong, and already booking your next class.

This class is heated to 35 deg. Open to all levels of fitness.


Is a invigorating blend of hot yoga, ballet ,Pilates, weight training and interval training . Some classes will use hand weights, resistance bands, blocks and small balls. The low-impact workout focus on proper alignment. The classes blend cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, core conditioning. A total body workout.

What does it do?

Strengthens, defines and tones the whole body. Warning: you will feel the burn.

How will I feel?

Sore but satisfied. This class is heated to 35 deg. Open to all levels of fitness.


A beautiful blend of Vinyasa Flow combined with the strength and power of weight training. The class is set to energizing music designed to tone and sculpt the entire body. You will gain strength and flexibility while burning fat and calories. The strength training exercises such as squats, lunges, biceps curls and triceps curls are incorporated into the Vinyasa flow to build lean muscle mass. What does it do?

This is a great class to compliment our other styles of yoga and improve your yoga practice.

How will I feel?

Detoxed, Flexible, Strong, sweaty, toned and like as a feather

This class is heated to 35C, . Open to all levels of fitness.


The Art of 8 Limbs. Muay Thai representing the Body and Yoga representing the Mind. Both arts combined into one class. Muay Thai being the body-weapons and Yoga being the mind -way of life. We strike hard for first half of the class GET IT OUT, SWEAT IT OUT with a Muay Thai shadow movement TABATA HIIT x 4 rounds x 4 exercises. Then we flow it home with a beautiful Vinyasa Yin styled dynamic flow. A stretch, a flow and a release. Its the cherry on top. Best of both worlds this class. Yang and Yin,


Put the world on pause and dive into deep relief with this dynamic, diverse yoga flow filled with guided breath work and a relaxing rhythm of poses that will create a deep sense of relief physically and mentally. A class designed to slow everything right down. . The classes are slow paced and we focus on doing one pose at a time and holding the pose. We start with and finish with some breathing exercises and some meditation. This allows you to relax fully during the class and after. With this feel-good flow that blends breathing, yin-style stretches and poses that will leave you feeling fully relaxed both mind and body. Release all tension in the body and mind. This Class is room temp heater or air conditioner on with weather conditions. Open to all levels of fitness

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